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Finding Inspiration In Uncertain Times

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Well, I think we can all agree that these are uncertain times! Quarantine has been so many things I didn't expect. First off it's been longer than I originally thought it would be! I'm thankful to have our health, a comfortable home, enough food, kids old enough to take care of themselves, a room to go to to be by myself sometimes, and a husband who is able to work from home (for now).

Because it's been longer, I started looking for podcasts and Ted Talks and things to listen to (besides numerous audible books) while I work on art and other things around the house. Lots of time at home now, and even though I love my husband and two teens more than anyone on the planet, I am definitely the kind of person who needs time by myself! So while I was scanning Pinterest one night, I cam across The Jealous Curator and the Art For Your Ear Podcast by Danielle Krysa.

What an amazing journey to go on during this time at home!!! I started at the first one I could get to on Apple Podcasts (which was Nov. 11, 2016), and I've been slowly listening to them every day... sometimes many many in one day. At the same time, I couldn't resist listening to the current ones as they come out because now I need to hear her talk about what's going on in her art world right now as well.

This has been such shot in the arm for me creatively. I have been SO inspired to take hold of my art career and move forward. There are so many healthy messages in these podcasts that creatives need to hear. Not just artists, but musicians, performers, writers, you name it. This podcast has single-handedly given me the courage to use this time to flourish. I am much more aware of so many interesting artists out there!! I love love love to hear about their childhoods and what their experiences were on their road to where they are now. It has made me search for and learn about so many new people and techniques. I am so grateful for these messages.

The message I love most is that it's OK to be jealous (admiring really) of other artists... as long as it's not in an oh-no-you-are-successful-so-that-makes-me-feel-threatened kind of way. There is enough room in the big fancy pool of art success for as many people as want to be there! And isn't that just true of all the arts? I know my daughter, as a performer has learned the importance of NOT competing against her fellow performers, but to be supportive and cheer them on every chance she gets. YES, visual arts should be the same way too!

Anyway, I highly recommend it! Do I have anxiety about using up all the podcasts? Yes, yes I do. I may just go back and re-listen when I run out! Since I can't see my art friends in person or talk to them the same way I used to be able to usually, this has been a massive breath of fresh air and inspiration in my life.

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