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The importance of art friends

About 4 years ago I connected with a few local artists. Some of them I knew and some I didn't. We just had coffee and talked about what we were looking for. Some of us wanted to find better ways to market our work, while others wanted to better scrutinize where and when work would be shown. I knew I had already found what I was looking for; a support group of other talented artists.

We have been meeting and showing together on and off since then. Recently, we've begun visiting each other's studios, critiquing our work together, and exploring spaces that we might share as a studio or show together. This time and connection with my now art friends has been invaluable to me.

As a professional illustrator, I previously had the pleasure of working day-to-day with several teams of creative designers, writers, and illustrators. When I left that profession it left a hole in my life that wasn't easy to fill. I'm also a solid introvert, who would love nothing better than to spend most of the week alone painting, cooking, reading by the fire, or doing a puzzle. It felt awkward to me to ask these individuals to get together even just to chat and have a cup of coffee. It was so worth it.

I now treasure my time with these dear friends. We are constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities to share with one another. We share our struggles and our wins. My life as an artist has expanded exponentially as a result of their friendships.

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